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This blog from this point will be for creative work progress and process sharing/discussion/etc. This includes personal posts, but the focus will remain on the creative process there too. It will be a public blog, with private entries for anything I deem spoilers/not otherwise shareable but want to document.

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I've written more in general, but not much. A strict schedule is needed, but damn is it hard to build that focus and routine. After dinner I'm going to work more!! Maybe do pomodoros again, that helped last time.

Earlier I played the Life is Strange fan made visual novel, Love is Strange. Haven't played the actual game, but it was still cute. Only did two go-throughs on one route, but it has me a bit... worried. I'm not sure if I just picked a short route, but the information on the post said it was about 190k words long I thought. That is about two long novels. It didn't feel like it could possibly be that much writing. Makes me realize just how much I have to write for The Fetch. 8I; I know it'll take time, but it feels a little discouraging ahaha

At least for comic scripting that'll be much briefer. I'm not Alan Moore.

Time to make dinner \o/
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Ok so contacted someone about possible work for The Fetch, need to eventually crawl out of my hole and contact more people too but honestly not any time soon soooo for now I need to nail down the aesthetic I want so I can work on GUI, layout, and art assets.

Most importantly, writing. I am so rusty in the worst moments I question whether a visual novel is even a good idea. But the writing in the english language visual novels I've played has yet to be good enough to intimidate me out of it. Practice. A first draft I can edit. Feedback from people i trust. Those are the first step.

I made a KS account and set up most of the basic, to be tweaked upon launch. Unfortunately it seems to require you to have a facebook account to prove you're a real person which is. uh. welp. Reactivating my old one is out of the question. I don't want my family to see the unequivocally lesbian romance game I'm making hahahaaaa... I guess there's always making a new one just for this but it still feels stressful.

I'm still unsure whether to keep the endings more structured or open... there's an aspect of the end game that would be much less work to make specific to each LI route! But it feels natural that the various results of "good" ends could be achieved in any good end and be tied to accumulated variables based on choices - or choices ignored. I like the idea of making whatever choice you make have direct consequences instead of only affecting which girl you romance and if that is successful. I think it increases replayability of the same romance, but do people even replay lengthy VNs? It means a LOT of variable dialogue that I hadn't accounted for initially... Hmm. I think maybe having my initial idea as the default, but certain choices making different possibilities open up might be the way to go.

Busywork done with, time to get writing. u m u
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I forgot I had this and no one really uses lj anyway but there is still no better alternative to tumblr/twitter for longform blogging so!! Maybe if I scream at the void, eventually friends can be persuaded en masse to join me. Maybe more structured writing will get my run on sentences under control too.

So I'll use this as LJ was intended for, but I eschewed much of my experience with it: as a diary.

Returned home a few days ago from a 3 week trip to Florida. First I visited my brother and his fiance/my friend for his graduation from EOD tech school, then went on to visit Yami for the next two weeks in Miami. I wish I could've stayed longer for both. I miss Yami a lot.

In the past 2 days I binge read Captive Prince and its sequels. Much to my surprise, it was a great reason why you shouldn't judge something by how stupid or offensive something sounds. Just another thing to solidify me trying things I don't think I'll like instead of publicly decrying something I assume to be shit. They were, if anything, surprisingly gentle and vanilla. Lots of content warnings for it despite that. The premise alone makes most of them obvious.

Now it's spring and the winter sads are abating, it's time to work more on several projects. I have script writing for the comic I'm co-creating with Yami to do, as well as the first draft for my visual novel to start in earnest. I need to finish the outline at least. Get a better idea of the final aesthetic I want for sprites, bgs, cgs, and the GUI. I'm rusty with my very basic understanding of ren'py and python, but I had no problems making a custom layout the first time so as long as I keep simple it'll be fine.

[edit: redacted] I don't remember how privacy filters work on here yet. I should mess around with that if I stick to this.

It's likely I will talk about progress in creative endeavors here, as a way to catalog progress without feeling scrutinized. The illusion of audience without the pressure of attention. The hardest part of making things is sharing them.
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Welcome to a land of slightly more strict punctuation and capitalization. (I had a dreamwidth but have it on good authority dreamwidth is not something I want to support.)

I might make a stickied post at a later date when I settle into more of a routine/etc, but for now it's as follows: Anyone can follow me. I will make public and private posts. Not sure how much content will be friend-locked, but it will likely be rants or more sensitive subjects I'd rather discuss with people I know. Possibly nsfw draws as well? Not sure about that. Regardless any nsfw images, regardless of privacy level, will be posted under cuts (for those who didn't grow up on here that's a better version of a read more). Any gore will be too.

I'm glad to see quixotic remains on the mood choice list.